Carn + arian: “Carn” (carne) refers to “of the flesh” and -arian means “to promote or advocate.”

Carnarians promote and advocate the use of animal flesh to benefit humans.

Carnarians Eat Normal Food Like Doctors And Schools Tell Us!

Our Carnarian parents, grandparents, ancestors, teachers and even society in general, have taught us about Carnarianism in order that we can survive, prosper, and reproduce.

The Use Of Animal Flesh

The use of animal flesh is far more encompassing than only eating animals. Carnarians are much more than “meat eaters!” (Not all Carnarians eat meat!)

Vegetarians Are Really Carnarians!

The production of dairy, eggs, and wool use the flesh of cows, hens, and sheep. Therefore, Vegetarians are really Carnarians!

I Loved Old Yeller!

Animals on display or in entertainment like circuses, aquariums, zoos, TV shows, and movies, all use animal flesh to seek money and are run by Carnarians.

Blind Man’s Bluff!

Service animals like K9 (police) dogs, guard dogs, and seeing eye dogs that help people, are really Carnarian ideas and use animal flesh to benefit humans.

My Beverly Hills Chihuahua!

Pet stores and breeders are all Carnarian businesses which cater to the needs of their Carnarian clients.

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Carnarian and Carnarianism Usage.


Carnarianism is the well held, carefully taught, and widespread belief among many humans, that some sentient beings are more valuable than others, based on some innate characteristic.

Carnarianism, therefore, has no objection to own, use, wear, or eat, any or all animals or animal products, provided they have some perceived human benefit.

Indeed, until recently, without being a Carnarian,
humans would have failed to thrive,
and would have become extinct.

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Carnarian and Carnarianism