“Farm It Maybe” – Lil Fred

Here is a video I just had to share with all out meat and milk lovin’ friends!

This kid has really got a great “Call Me Maybe” Parody – Carly Rae Jepsen

“Farm It Maybe” – Lil Fred

Here are the Lyrics from the YouTube pages…

Published on Jul 14, 2012

“Farm It Maybe” – Lil Fred

Woke up at quarter to 6
See what the weather predicts
Slip on my really cool kicks
Time to go to work

Made my way to the barn
On my family owned farm
Got some hay in each arm
Gotta get to work

My Crops are growin’
Ripped jeans, knees are showin’
In the parlor, milk’s a flowin’
Where you think you’re going baby

Hey, I just milked you
This cow is crazy
But here’s her udder
So milk her, maybe?

Yeah, I’m a Farm Boy
And here’s my Holstein
It’s just a heifer
It has no baby

Hey, there’s a silo
It’s filled with grain
Food for the cattle
Tastes kind of plain?

And all the other cows
Are getting cranky
So let’s go feed them
Yeah, just maybe

The milk truck comes in the morn
At noon we harvest the corn
At night the new calf is born
And that’s the average day

Wagon’s hitched in the rear
Then I kick it in gear
Yeah, you know it’s John Deere
Cause it’s the farming way

Yeah, flowers growin’
Hot day, sun’s a glowin’
Check out Grandma mowin’
Where does she, think she’s goin’

Hey, I just fed you
These cows are crazy
We fill the bottle
And feed the baby

Yeah, I’m a farm boy
And where’s my tractor
Oh I found it
In the pasture

Hey, drink this milk
It’ll keep ya healthy
And make the farmers
Nice and wealthy

Cause owning a cow
Can be pricey
Just don’t be mean
Treat em’ nicely

I’ve been living on a farm
I love it so much
I love it so much
I love it so, so much

You cannot beat the farmin’ life
I love it so much
Just to letcha’ know that
I love it so, so much

Milk will make your bones
Grow big and strong
That’s how I keep working
All day long

Hey, I just milked you
These cows are crazy
To be a farmer
You can’t be lazy

And all the other farms
Are just as charming
What can I say?
That’s dairy farming

I was born into farm life
I love it so much
I love it so much
I love it so, so much

These cows are my entire life
I love them so much
And you should know that

So farm it, Maybe?

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Video produced by Justin, written by Sam and Justin, helped by Jake
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen Parody
Inspired by ” I’m Farming and I Grow It ” ThePetersonFarmBros

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