About the Carnarian Movement



Carnarians and Carnarianism ~ Normal People in a Normal World

About the Carnarian Movement

We will add some more about us, but basically we are normal people in a normal world.  Here is a nutshell of how the Carnarian Movement and this website came into being.  It is time the Anticarnivorist are exposed for who and what they really are.

We decided that people who eat a lot of different food should have a name of our own choosing, Carnarian.  Have you ever noticed that Vegetarians, and especially Vegans, label anyone who eats meat in the worst possible way.  But for themselves they choose a label in the best possible light.  Well, we decided it was high time that we had a label that we chose ourselves!  Carnarian is that label.  We wonder how long it will take any Vegetarian or Vegan to respect normal people well enough to call us Carnarians!

Carnarian and Carnarianism ~ Normal People in a Normal World!

Like Vegetarian is from Vegetables and the Latin suffix –arian meaning to promote or advocate.  They promote or advocate not killing to eat!  (They don’t eat meat)

Vegan is just a contraction or subset of Vegetarian.  Like Vegetarians, they don’t eat meat and at a minimum, they also do not use dairy. The original six Vegans were members and an officer of the Vegetarian Society of the UK. Originally they called themselves “Non-Dairy Vegetarians” and that was the first meaning of Vegan, people who did not eat meat or dairy.

The year following calling themselves Vegan, they broke awat from the Vegetarian Society.  Today there are dozens, if not hundreds, of conflicting ways to define what is a Vegan.

Note: Vegans and Vegetarians say they are promoting Vegetables, but really they are Anticarnivorist! (Against eating meat!)

An ist is actually a small subset of the whole population.

If you see that “ist” on the end in a Vegan website, it is usually on the end of words that are really bad people, racist, sexist, and  rapist!  You get the point.  So Vegans leaders like Dr. Melanie Joy (she is a shrink) attack normal people by calling them carnist! Or the attorney turned Vegan leader Gary Francione who calls normal people speciesist!

Racist, sexist,  rapist, carnist, and speciesist, get the picture?  They call us ist and they call themselves arian!

Now mind you that ist is not really bad (Vegans just associate it to bad!)  It really comes from a Latin suffix related to the word elitist!  In other words, an ist is actually a small subset of the whole population.  Anticarnivorist works because Vegans and Vegetarians are just a small “elitist” part of the population.  People who eat meat cannot be called carnist or speciesist because they are a part of the vast majority of the normal population, hardly an elitist sub-group.

Don’t get us wrong, we respect Gary Francione beliefs, he is not the radicals you usually hear called Vegan.  Nonetheless, to call us ist and themselves arian is really wrong.

Melanie Joy, on the other hand, is another story. This Anticarnivorist is mostly intrested in getting your money!  Ms. Joy, in order to get more money, has labeled the majority of humans as Carnist.  She invented a word, which by her own defination is invisable (as in has no real meaning).  Ms Joy says we, who follow the plan people have followed for thousands of years are stupid!  Why? Because she says so and now you should donate $1,000 per month to her!

We propose a truce, they named themselves Vegetarian meaning they do not eat meat and we named ourselves (the vast majority) Carnarian because, like it or not, Carnarians promote using animal flesh as a part of a normal life.

So Vegetarians. We will respect you only if you call us Carniarn.  Anyone following the Melody Joy hate group that calls us a Carnist will in return be called an Anticarnivorist


Carnarian and Carnarianism are Normal People in a Normal World!

People Eating Tasty Animals

The Vegan who really most people think of in the Vegan / Animal Rights movement is the well moneyed Ingrid Newkirk of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA).

My first encounter with PeTA was with a girl who did not eat meat.  Now, she was not actuality what you would call a Vegan, she just chose to not eat meat or use animal products.  Well, we were in the mall, grabbing a bite to eat and we walked past KFC on the way to the place she had chosen.  In front of KFC were these girls in tiny bikinis with signs that said, PeTA, Vegan and “I’d rather go naked than wear fur!”  Taking a packet of their hand outs, we read over our all plant dinner.

It told a story about how PeTA had made an agreement with KFC over something.  But then there was a whole bunch of KFC coupons.  I thought it was funny that the same girl gave me information that it is wrong to kill animals for food, and handed me coupons to encourage me to buy and eat chickens!

Because of PeTA twice as many chickens were killed!

After we had finished our non-animal meal, I went back to talk about this.  I asked that girls how they felt about handing out coupons to encourage people to basically kill more animals.  They told me PeTA had won a victory with KFC and they wanted to encourage people to try humanly,  something, something.  I talked to the KFC manager about it and he seemed pleased to report that sales were up by nearly 100% because of the PeTA girls.  Wait!  Because of PeTA twice as many chickens were killed?

That is when I learned how much fun PeTA can be for Carnarians! (Non-Vegans)

Some Terms that only an Anticarnivorist would use!

What is not fun is what some terrorist Vegans call us.  Here is a sample list:

  • Murderers

  • Rapist

  • Carnivores

  • Meat Eaters

  • Carnist

  • Speciesist

Anyone who uses these terms is actually an Anticarnivorist and not a Vegetarian at all (not a Vegan either).  The proper term for a normal person who promotes and advocates eating meat as a part of a normal diet is a Carnarian.

We URGE Carnarians to inform Vegetarians and Vegans about using the proper term Carnarian.  For those who continue to use derogatory terms for the vast majority of the population, they should be properly labelled as an Anticarnivorist!

Carnist is a derogatory term!