We have many good laughs at PeTA and one of them is hearing what other people say P-E-T-A means.  Therefore, we have started this collection of bacronyms that people think P-E-T-A really means.

  • People Eating Tasty Animals
    Note: This was the meaning at the original website.  PeTA spent a lot of money to hire lawyers and legally steal this website when they already had the .com version. See it at
  • People Exhibiting Terrorist Actions
  • Persons Exercising Terror Activities
  • People Executing Terrorist Actions


  • People for the ethical Treatment of Animals
Note:  We made the “e” in “ethical” small because that is also what PeTA did in their own logo.  We assume that is to diminish the concept of “ethical!”


  • People Executing and Trashing Animals
Note:  PeTA has been known to execute dogs and throw their bodies into trash cans within minutes of “rescuing” them!