Carnism and Carnist Defined



Carnarians and Carnarianism ~ Normal People in a Normal World

Carnism and Carnist Defined

On this page, we will explore why only offensive and derogatory Anticarnivorist use the words Carnist and Carnism. These people who follow the cult leader Melanie Joy, use these demeaning and disrespectful words to describe the majority of the world. We also explain why the words Carnarian and Carnarianism are the correct and respectful way to define most of the humans on the Earth.

Carnarians are Normal People

The Carnarian Movement is the Normal Persons response to some Anticarnivorist (Offensive Vegan) people, pretending to be Vegan.  We reject the prejudicial, offensive and derogatory terms “carnist” and “carnism” based on the uncompassionate and offensive definitions of Melanie Joy.

We choose for ourselves to use the terms “Carnarian” and “Carnarianism” as the normal state of mankind:


Carn + arian: “Carn” (carne) refers to “of the flesh” and -arian means “to promote or advocate.”

Carnarians promote and advocate the use of animal flesh to benefit humans.

The use of animal flesh is far more encompassing than only eating animals.  The production of milk and eggs uses the flesh of cows and hens and therefore, Vegetarians are really Carnarians!  Animal on display or in entertainment like circuses, aquariums, zoos, TV shows, and movies, all use animal flesh to seek money and are run by Carnarians.  Service animals like K9 (police) dogs and seeing eye dogs that help people are really Carnarian ideas and use animal flesh to benefit humans.  Pet stores and breeders are all Carnarian businesses which cater to the needs of their Carnarian clients.  (See more proper usage below in Carnarian and Carnarianism Usage.)


Carnarian + ism: The addition of “ism” refers to our belief system. Carnarianism is the belief system that humans have used to survive for thousands of years. It has been handed down from generation to generation, carefully taught in homes, schools and social circles for many millennia.

Carnarians believe in eating a normal healthy diet.


Anti + carnivor + ist: A human who uses the prejudicial and derogatory terms “carnist” and “carnism”.  More specifically, an Anticarnivorist is a cult member of those who follow Melanie Joy, their leader and a psychologist.

Anti-Carnism Donations Kill Animals

Ms Joy appears to be using psychology to “mind control” weak minded people into supporting her and  her cult.  Click “Donate” on her website and the first suggested amount to give, is $1,000.  Then it adds, “Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support.” Translation… “Donate $1,000 to me and my cult every month!”

Instead of donating to Ms Joy, Vegans would do far better “for the animals” by having a dinner party, and inviting me over to their home for a neighborhood dinner party.  Not a dinner party about sending money to a cult, or buying a Vegan book! Don’t Vegans have any interest beyond making Ms. Joy rich?

If you are “for the animals”
…then remember…
“Children are animals too!”

Honestly, I would go to a neighborhood party like that, even if the food was Vegan.  I might even go just to see what it tasted like! (Meaning you could actually get me to eat an animal free vegan diet for one meal!) But you can’t do that because you are making Ms. Joy rich with your donations.  I might even go back to a second Vegan party if Vegans had any normal interest beyond getting me to join the Melanie Joy cult.  The stop sign and the street sign at the end of the block is gone due to an accident.  I would accept a new one that had a new sign that read, “Replaced by Vegan Neighbors!” About half the swings in the neighborhood park are broken due to years of use, I’d love to see them fixed, and would be much more open to Veganism if a sign was posted saying, “This park is being maintained by Vegan Neighbors!”  If you are “for the animals” remember, children are animals too!

No Vegan ever invited me for dinner.

The Big Shame Cult!

Ms Joy just likes to shame people to join her cult, and send her money.  Anticarnivorists are so deep into this cult, that they do not even realize that using the terms “carnist” and “carnism” actually drives people away from anything to do with Veganism.

Carnism and Carnist Terms Are Rejected!

Look at most Other Vegan Websites and they reject the terms “carnist” and “carnism”, especially those who do not have a Donate button to send Ms. Joy money!

Most Vegans and all Carnarians reject these
“Carnist” and “Carnism” psycho-babble terms.

Nothing is Invisible

Ms. Joy says “There is an Invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions us to eat animals and I named the system carnism.”  On what planet? On Earth kids are taught that they need a balanced diet.  Meat and potatoes, and some veggies.  Don’t forget milk and cheese too for strong bones.  Nothing invisible about this.  Fish sticks and French fries.  Meat, potatoes, and some veggie.

Saying that Eating Animals is Invisible is like saying anyone who uses animals for any reason is a mindless idiot!  Which is, in our opinion, exactly what Ms Joy is trying to say.  The only way that something as well known and understood could be considered invisible, is if the person was really mindless, in a persistent vegetative state (PVS), and did not think at all!

Thousands of Years of Survival

Carnarianism, not carnism, is the way people have eaten for thousands of years.  Mom, Dad, Grandma, Teacher, posters on the walls at school, and even the United States Department of Agriculture all agreed. Milk Makes Men! Milk makes strong bones. Meat Makes Muscles!  There was nothing invisible at all.  Every person I have ever talked to knows the only myth in carnism, is carnism itself – there is nothing invisible.  Normal people are Carnarians, it is only natural.

My Invisible Belief System and Ideology

As a boy, I raised, loved and cared for baby chickens. They would grow into hens and rosters that I had good times playing with. Hens gave us eggs, rosters, well, fried chicken!  Cows and goats I would milk, play with,  and eat.  We had a great life – I was kind – it was only a moment that they were dispatched quickly and nearly painlessly.  Pigs, ducks, geese, turkeys, and some guineafowl rounded out my “backyard buddies!” I also had some peacocks, but they weren’t very sociable to play with.  Then I killed and ate them all.  I rode horses, and cows, and had a great time on our farm.  There was nothing invisible about my belief system, or my ideology.  Chop the head off a chicken, pluck its feathers, cut it open and pull out its warm guts and when the cooking is done, enjoy your fried chicken, nothing invisible there!  People may not butcher their own meat, but it is not invisible to them where it comes from.

Carnist and carnism are just a psychologist trick to raising money!

Use Carnarian and Carnarianism Instead – NO Charge!

The definition of Carnism and Carnist are seriously wrong and very offensive.  We, Carnarians, invite you to use Carnarian and Carnarianism Instead.  No charge and NO Donation!

Vegans: Use Carnarian and Carnarianism

Vegans that use the terms Carnarian and Carnarianism will be respected.  People are free to have other opinions and if you want to run around saying “the animals – the animals” then feel free to have your fun.

Offensive “Vegans” (Anticarnivorist) who use the offensive and derogatory terms carnism and carnist will be considered Anticarnivorist and ignored.

Carnarian and Carnarianism Usage

In order to help you better understand Carnarian and Carnarianism, we have put together some sample usage.

  • Some Carnarians advocate starting the day with yogurt from goats, or a glass of cow milk, or an egg and cheese omelet.
    Dairy and eggs both come from the flesh (or through the flesh) of animals.
  • A Carnarian may choose to use or wear silk, wool, leather or fur, as they see fit.
    These animal products are beneficial to humans and come from (or through) the flesh of animals.
  • A BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich)  is a common snack or lunch sandwich, however most Carnarians would prefer a BEC (Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich.)
    Bacon is obviously pig flesh, dairy and eggs come from the flesh (or through the flesh) of animals.
  • Plant-Based (“Vegan”) diets are actually Carnarian diets, and so are Palio diets!
    “Plant-Based” is defined as either “centered around plants” or “a majority of plants” (a 50% plus one gram of plants diet). Neither of these definitions preclude nor exclude using (dairy, eggs, and wool) or consuming animal flesh. ( That would be Plant-Only! )
  • “Vegan animal sanctuaries” that collect entrance fees or ask for donations in any way are actually Carnarian businesses.
    They use animal flesh to pay human wages!
  • Carnarians enjoy petting pigs and cows at “Vegan animal sanctuaries.”
    These “
    sanctuaries” are actually a new form of a zoo that provides wages or benefits to the human workers.
  • Carnarians promote and advocate the use of animal flesh to benefit humans.
  • Carnarianism is the well held, carefully taught, and widespread belief among many humans, that some sentient beings are more valuable than others, based on some innate characteristic.
  • A Carnarian may, therefore, have no objection to own, use, wear, or eat, any or all animals or animal products, provided they have some perceived human benefit.
  • Our Carnarian parents, grandparents, ancestors, teachers and even society in general, have taught us about Carnarianism in order that we can survive and reproduce.


Enjoy one of the selected Carnarian Videos we have posted for you enjoyment!

We even have specific video categories like:

Milk – What could be more healthy and natural – Every baby needs Milk! We also include dairy like cheese, ice cream, butter, and yogurt!  It is well known that milk is full of calcium!  Milk, it does somebody good!

Eggs and Chickens – You know we cannot leave out our favorite breakfast food and the #1 fast food chain in the world, KFC!  It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!

Meat – Really, what would a Forth of July bar-b-cue be like without a steak for dad and burgers for the kids?  Not to mention a Big Mac and the #2 largest fast food chain in the World, McDonald’s!  Without meat, where would you get your protein?

Farmers – America is number one in so many areas because we support our farmers!  You know, we won the First and Second World Wars, because our troops were well fed by our farmers, and the other troops were starving.  We saw that again in Kuwait and Iraq and Afghanistan.  Almost everywhere we start a war, or go to war, people are starving!  But our troops are fed because of our farmers!  Cebuano speaking people in the Philippines think America is number one also.  They made there word that means the number one to be USA!  USA is #1 in Cebuano!  In the Philippines if you talk about being poor, people will say things like, “I’m not poor, I eat three times a day!”  Sadly millions of people are poor, and millions of children go to bed hungry every night!  So we support American Farmers!

PeTA – Yes, we even have a section for PeTA, those few tree huggin’, animal lovin’ people who hate Carnarians!  God love ’em, they do produce some funny videos if you think about them in the right way!